FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to install any software in order to use RideScheduler?
Not at all, RideScheduler is a web based application so all you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

Do I need to be a large organization to use RideScheduler?
RideScheduler was designed for organizations of any size. Regardless of whether you schedule just a few rides a month or hundreds a month, RideScheduler will make your organization run smoother and with less effort saving personnel hours.

Is RideScheduler easy to learn?
We have found that the application is very intuitive and requires very little instruction.

How does RideScheduler benefit my drivers?
Drivers are able to log on to the website and see available rides, future rides that they are assigned and also their rides that have already taken place. They can also accept rides and cancel those that they are unable to keep.

Do my drivers need to be able to use a computer?
Although it would be helpful for them, they don’t need to use the computer. The coordinator/dispatcher can assign rides to a driver. Even if the driver doesn’t logon to the website, they can still be enabled to be sent email or phone reminders.

My riders are elderly and cannot use a computer. Can I still use RideScheduler to manage my organization?
Absolutely, each ride request is entered into the system by your coordinator/dispatcher so there is no need for riders to have a computer.

I don’t have time to send out reminders to my drivers for upcoming rides. Will RideScheduler take care of reminding my drivers for me?
Yes, the application will automatically check to see if reminders need to be sent and will automatically send them for you. They are sent the evening before the ride is scheduled and can be sent as an email or as a telephone reminder. Phone reminders are automated calls by the application to the driver stating that they have a ride the following day. Just enable phone reminders for the driver and they will be called the day before their scheduled rides.